My First (Official) Design Challenge

Original design flow

Questions and Tasks

The first thing I did for this project is write down the questions I needed to answer and what tasks users needed to be able to complete. Questions included:

  • Where does this feature need to appear in the flow of the app?
  • How does this feature allow users to choose the shifts they want?
  • What tasks do users need to complete to be eligible for any shift?
  • Upload documents
  • Re-upload updated documents
  • Check status of documents (including what is required, what needs updated, what is pending, and if documents have been approved)


With these questions and tasks in mind, I began just jotting down ideas about how to help users more easily interact with the Documents feature.

  • Change the language of document categories
  • Clarify document status
  • Expiring documents will move to the top of the list and will include an “expiring in” date (including 60, 30, 14 days, etc)
  • Notify users on the homepage when a document requires attention

Identifying Users

One of the most important aspects of any UX design project is to identify your users and design for them. With the limited scope of this project, I identified a spectrum of users: the regular and the casual user.

  • Regular User: The regular user uses the app more than 3 times per week, keeps their account regularly updated, and sees notifications more frequently
  • Casual User: The casual user only uses the app 1 time per week or less, does not receive notifications regularly, and needs reminders when logging back into the app

User Flows

Having identified my spectrum of users, I then sketched out two user flows, one for a new user, and one for a regular.

User flows for a new and existing user


To begin the final stage of the redesign process — wireframes — I began by creating very rough sketches on paper. This was less to organize information as it was to clarify copy and allow myself to play around with layout. I then went to trust Balsamiq to create some low fidelity wireframes.

Low fidelity wireframes
High fidelity wireframes



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RJ Whittaker

RJ Whittaker

I am a Junior UX Designer with a focus on accessibility, sustainability, and inclusivity.